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Real Life Duck Hunt opens in Sparkman Wharf

Sparkman Ducks

A new business opening in Tampa’s downtown Sparkman Wharf will soon let visitors shoot and kill ducks, right on the famous Riverwalk next to the aquarium and cruise terminals.

“We want to provide a full Florida experience where visitors can visit one of the many shipping container storefronts, grab a drink from the gazebo, pick up a shotgun, and blast some ducks,” said Mupiel Electrinks, founder of Shoot Birds Now. “For 15 dollars, I’ll hand you a shotgun, and then my girl releases ducks from the boat in the river, and you got 30 seconds to shoot as many as you can.”

Many of the concerns surrounding the legality of the business have centered around the noise levels of the shotguns, and the random bird parts that get blown over onto the Sparkman Wharf lawn. Electrinks assured us that he is following all the local ordinances and is operating legally within the rights of the City of Tampa.

“The best part is that you get to keep what you shoot, but if you don’t want it, we give it to the restaurants in the shipping containers,” said Electrinks.

Shoot Birds Now is open Tuesdays from 5 AM to 3 PM, and from 8 PM to 1 AM on Saturdays and Sundays.

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