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Creative Loafing offers new Best of the Bay category they OBVIOUSLY want us to win

The nominations for the 2023 edition of Creative Loafing’s Best of the Bay awards are now open and the venerable weekly lifestyle and entertainment publication has introduced a new category: “Best Newspaper That’s Not Creative Loafing”

Come on. That’s us, right? That has to be Tampa News Force! Who else could it possibly be? Creative Loafing clearly wants us to win an award this year; THIS one!

Ever since the Tampa Tribune folded and the St. Pete Times became the Tampa Bay Times, there have only been two (not counting the venerable Creative Loafing, per their own award category’s description) legitimate local newspaper news sources in the Tampa Bay Area, the Times and Tampa News Force. “But you don’t publish a newspaper; you’re just a web site”, you may say. Well, guess what? Same thing for the Times!

Plus Tampa News Force has always been “just a web site”. The Times used to publish an actual paper made of actual paper but they don’t anymore which makes them quitters. And quitters don’t deserve awards.

Also, they already have plenty of awards. They won’t care about this one. They’ll be okay.

So please do the right thing and nominate Tampa News Force for a 2023 Creative Loafing Best of the Bay Award because Creative Loafing wants us to have it.

Look under the “PEOPLE” group and scroll down to the “Best Newspaper That Isn’t Creative Loafing” category.