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Current Events Make Woman Consider Career Change

Following the tragic Francis Scott Key bridge accident in Baltimore, the earthquake near New York City last week and yesterday’s solar eclipse, Tampa’s Beth Dorster thinks this is a good time to get into business with God.

“Don’t forget the cicadas that are going to be coming up out of the ground! I can’t think of anything more demonic than something dead and buried emerging from the grave.”

“But anyway, when you have a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent casual connection, there’s no simple, one-word description to describe that,” she said. “That’s God sending a message because that’s how God sends messages. And I’m not alone in feeling like this…”

“And this particular message is that now is the perfect time to get in on the ground floor as an agent for Godco, America’s leader in the business of handing out pamphlets,” she said, extending me a pamphlet about handing out pamphlets. “I’ve been operating out of a spare bedroom at home on nights and weekends, but I think I’m ready to take it full-time. I’ll get you set up with a display stand, a good assortment of our literature and a street corner in downtown Tampa and it’ll be your job to stand on that corner and hand out our literature.”

”No door-to-door, no cold calling”, she said. “Well, it’s basically all cold calling. But still, no door-to-door, which is nice.”

“You’ll be working directly under me so I’ll be making commission on your sales, but once you recruit people to sell for you, that’s when you’ll really start making good money for yourself, via The Lord,” she explained further. “Also, we hand out everything for free, so it definitely takes a while to build that revenue stream. I’m still waiting for my first check!”

“But I’ve been told by somebody in the home office that a couple more earthquakes and eclipses, maybe another plague, and things should start turning around.”

Clark Brooks

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