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Eclipse Glasses Most Returned Item at 7/11

With much anticipation surrounding the solar eclipse mania, eclipse glasses have become the most purchased items at 7/11’s around the country.

“People want to look at the sun do its thing,” said 7/11 manager Myckle Rung. “Last month alone, over 80% of our sales were eclipse glasses.”

Rung was excited about the influx of cash and began making improvements to his 7/11 franchise.

“I upgraded the toilets, redid the floors and updated the metering pumps to accurately measure the amount of gasoline going into the cars,” said Rung.

But after the solar eclipse ended, every single pair of eclipse sunglasses that were sold at his store were returned for a refund.

“I used to have an all sales final sign by my cash register but it fell down a couple of months ago and I forgot to put it up, and I’m just a really nice guy so I began refunding everyone who wanted one.” Said Rung.

A local post on a Facebook group alerted customers that Rung was accepting refunds on the glasses, and customers began desceding in droves at the location to get a refund.

“This is really going to bring down the quality of my 7/11,” said Rung who was in the middle of taking apart all the improvements he made to his store. “Life has its ups and downs, and I guess this is just one of those down moments for me, financially.”

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