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DeSantis to start doing open mics


After getting heckled at another recent appearance in Jacksonville, it’s been decided by his presidential campaign staff that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis needs to spend some time participating in some stand-up comedy open mics.

It’s the second time DeSantis has been heckled when addressing the public in the wake of an August 26 shooting at a Jacksonville Dollar General store where three people were killed in what has been determined to be a racially-motivated attack.

“Yeah, he’s gotta get better at that,” said Ferris Winbow, a self-described crowdwork comedian from Tampa. “Generally speaking, people don’t like being murdered. And if your words and actions are seen as motivation for that happening, people are going to respond with negative feedback. That’s fine; you just have to be prepared to deal with it. Looking like you’re going to cry is not how you deal with it. And since this is probably going to happen again and again, he needs to learn some skills.”

“What better way to learn that skill than from people who routinely face that kind of feedback like a seasoned stand-up comedian?”

Winbow said crowdwork is his specialty because “writing jokes is for dumb bitches”. He has been contracted by the DeSantis campaign and will start attending various comedy open mics throughout Florida with the governor/candidate in order to provide on-the-spot coaching.

“I’m going to show him all of my tricks and when and how to use them”, he said. “Like ‘you dumb bitch’ and ‘shut up bitch’ and ‘fuck you bitch’ and ‘shut the fuck up, you dumb bitch’. All the classics.”

Clark Brooks

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