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Efficient woman still writing 2024 on everything 

Greta Effer, an accountant in St. Petersburg has been finding herself constantly using the correct day and date ever since the first of the year.

“I did that last year, too. And all the years before that,” she said. “I’m just still doing it.”

“I just can’t help myself; I’m so gatherbrained,” she said, sighing. “I swear, I wouldn’t lose my own head if it weren’t attached, because I would keep it right here in this desk drawer so I would always know exactly where it is at all times. For that matter, I wouldn’t lose anyone’s unattached heads because I would set up a detailed filing system with the heads sorted by size and color, all documented on an Excel spreadsheet so I could keep tabs on their statuses remotely if necessary.”

“Now when it comes to Daylight Savings Time, well now, that… is exactly the same,” she said. “I stay up til 2:00am twice a year to manually change every clock I own the instant the time changes.”

When asked how she developed and maintains her discipline, she said, “I always think within the box. I believe in working smarter and harder.”

“I’m just such a serious goose,” she added.

Clark Brooks

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