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Farmers Insurance launches new marketing campaign in Florida


Farmers Insurance Group, who provides insurance policies for vehicles, homes and small businesses and also provides other insurance and financial services products, has announced a new marketing initiative specifically for the state of Florida.

Speaking at a hastily arranged press conference this morning, company spokesperson Barbie Oppenheimer said, “Check out our new slogan!” and then cued a quartet of singers who harmonized, “We Are Farmers! Bye ba dum bye bye bye bye!”

Asked what that means, she said, “It means ‘bye’. We’re outta here. Good luck, suckers.”

The company, whose net worth is currently estimated at between $25-$35 billion, with CEO Raul Vargas reportedly making somewhere around $10 to $12 million in overall compensation per year, is dropping home, auto and umbrella policies across Florida effective immediately, citing the threat of damage from tropical storms.

“This business decision was necessary to effectively manage risk exposure”, read a statement hand-written on the company’s corporate letterhead that she crumpled up and threw at the assembled media before jumping into a limousine and speeding off, leaving the quartet of singers stranded.

Clark Brooks

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