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Florida implements women’s health education initiative

Storytime with Stan

In response to negative feedback directed toward his proposed new legislation that would ban discussion of menstrual cycles and other human sexuality topics in elementary grades, Republican Representative Stan McClain from Ocala has proposed something of a compromise.

“Fine. I’ll talk to them about it,” he said. “Welcome to ‘Storytime with Stan’.”

As written by McClain, HB 1069, and SB 1320, would limit ‘instruction in human sexuality’ to sixth grade and above, prohibiting elementary school students from talking to teachers about any questions they might have about their changing bodies, specifically menstrual cycles.

The human sexuality component is only part of this legislation; much of what is proposed expands on the current process of allowing parents and community members to challenge library books and other instructional materials in schools and would require objection forms to be easily accessible on the homepage of a school district’s website, among other requirements.

McClain produced a textbook titled ‘Girls Are Gross’ and sat on a tiny chair to read it to a group of elementary school children while glaring imposingly at them.

“I’m better at reading this particular book to them than some drag queen would be,” he said. “Especially since I just wrote and vetted it myself last week.”

As far as the content of that textbook and its age appropriateness, he said, “Most boys of any age already know these facts.”

“But you better believe the ones who don’t are gonna learn,” he added ominously.

Clark Brooks

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