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Florida Prison Guard Unable to Afford Rent, Commits Crime to Sleep in Prison

A Florida prison guard who was unable to pay his rent due to low pay has committed a heinous crime so that he can sleep at the prison he works at.

“When I started this job, I was making $12 an hour,” said Yobbin Heim, a prison guard who was recently arrested for a violent crime that is very bad and I don’t want to say it here.

When asked why he committed the crime, Heim responded “I made $25,000 a year while it cost $31,000 to house an inmate for a year, that made me real angry.”

“He did a bad thing, and now he has to sleep in prison at the expense of the taxpayers,” said Judge Joseph Judy. “My wife is Judge Judy, and I reward Yobbin Heim with a lot of nights in prison to think about this awful nasty thing he did.”

Judge J Judy then slammed the gavel and his former co-worker Brian escorted him to prison.

“You messed up real bad this time bud,” Brian grumbled to Heim as the courtroom erupted into chaos.

Because we were not allowed to know what he did to warrant going to prison, we do know through inside sources that Heim is not adjusting well to life in prison.

Most of the facilities are overpopulated, have poor ventilation, and have no air conditioning.

“Yeah it’s pretty bad in here, but at least I don’t have to worry about rent, utilities, car payments, groceries, essentials, and the occasional trip to Vallarta’s,” said Heim. “I hate Vallarta’s, but I enjoyed the value.”

Florida prison guards who would like to see a change in their working conditions are encouraged to commit a crime and become a prisoner for a while.

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