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How to afford Tampa Living

It seems like Tampa is the most expensive city in the world, and every day it just keeps getting more and more expensive.  With these tips, not only will you be able to afford Tampa living, but you will thrive and be catered to in this environment.

6. Move here with a job that pays well

Moving here from a city with an actual job market has its benefits. Along with pushing out the poor people who have struggled to live in this city, you will find a deal in a prime location that was historically underdeveloped but will now benefit from your taxed dollars.

5. Jerk Off on Camera

Sometimes rent is due and everything is closed, so the fastest way to make a few bucks is to hit record and start going to town.

4. Sell Your Nudes

This one is more of a passive way of generating income because you don’t have to do all that jerking off on a camera.

3. Become a Drug Dealer

Some of the fastest money to be made is in the drug trade, at least that’s what I think based on my minimal research on the topic.

2. Sell blood and sperm

I think there is a place that pays for both of these next to an elementary school attached to a liquor store, that is attached to a nightclub that doubles as a strip club.

1. Have rich parents

Some people are born winners, and having rich parents will guarantee that you can afford to live in Tampa, the City of Champions.

Josh Santos

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