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How to Tell the Difference Between Water Street and Waters Avenue

Here at Tampa News Force, we feel obligated to be of service to people with whom we share this community. We hope the following info is helpful!

Tampa’s trendiest neighborhood is the shiny, relatively new, upscale Water Street district downtown, near Amalie Arena and Sparkman Wharf.

It shares a nearly identical name with one of Hillsborough County’s longest and busiest thoroughfares, Waters Avenue, which has been around for decades.

Considering the similarity between the names, it could be very easy to get the two distinctly different locations confused. How can someone know the difference?

The words “avenue” and “street” are mostly interchangeable. In Manhattan, streets are east-west and avenues are north-south, but here in Tampa, Waters Avenue runs east-west and Water Street is a north-south roadway because who gives a shit how they do it in New York.

Here are some other key differences to help you figure out which is which…


  • Fast food restaurants
  • Tattoo supply store
  • Abandoned dog racing track
  • Auto parts store
  • Gas stations
  • Donut shops
  • Laundromats
  • Gun shops
  • Hair salons
  • Churches
  • Military Entrance Processing Station
  • Residences starting at just $1500 a month


  • Residences starting at just $3300 a month
  • A restaurant that specializes in gourmet toast

Happy driving around!

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