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Ice Cream Shop Introduces Special Cone of Uncertainty

Leslie Fervish, owner and manager of GadScoops, an upscale ice cream shop in Temple Terrace, announced a new menu item recently.

”It’s the Cone of Uncertainty and it’s to celebrate the start of this year’s hurricane season,” she said, smiling. “It’s a regular ice cream cone filled with… well, it could be anything. It’s uncertain!”

“Usually, it will be the most delicious, creamy vanilla with caramel swirl and fudge chunks you’ve ever had and you’ll be fine. But there’s always a possibility that it will be something that destroys your home,” she said. “At least your bathroom.”

”Sometimes it might be whipped butter with kitty litter. It might be lard with raisins. It might be eggs and razor blades. It could just be a handful of rusty screws slathered in mayonnaise,” she said, presenting a cone filled with mashed potatoes and hot dogs. “You’ll never know. It’s whatever we decide to put in there.”

Asked if most customers won’t notice something objectionable coming their way and simply leave, she said, “You’d be surprised.”

The special is available now through the first of November or maybe longer if they feel like extending it for no good reason.

Clark Brooks

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