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New Alternative to Ticketmaster Just Some Guy Who Tore Fence Down at Venue

A Tampa man has devised a cheaper alternative for consumers who are tired of overpaying to see their favorite entertainment acts live.

“I noticed that the only thing stopping people from entering this concert was the fence, so I brought out some power tools and cut part of the fence down,” said Bonald Llanas, a man in his mid 30’s who frequently goes to concerts where he is the oldest in attendance. “I think people my age would come out to these shows more if there was a way to get around Ticketmaster’s fees.”

Thankfully for Llanas, there was a physical way for concertgoers to get around Ticketmaster’s fees physically. The Tampa concert venue, The Orifices, has since patched the fence and has banned Llanas for life.

“We don’t even use Ticketmaster for our concert tickets,” said The Orifices owner, Franques Bourque.  “Not sure what this guy was thinking tearing part of our fence down, we all watched him do it and immediately called the cops on him.”

Llanas is facing up to five years in prison for the destruction of private property and will miss the upcoming Kids Bop tour that he was excited to attend.

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