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Identity Tampa Bay’s Clark’s Comedy Corner Talks Plane Train

Clark Brooks of Clark’s Comedy Corner on the Identity Tampa Bay recently featured John Jacobs and Josh Santos about the premiere of Plane Train at the Villagio Theater in Carrollwood.

This week, I’m going to abuse my access to this forum and use it for a little bit of shameless self-promotion. I recently – well, back in March – got together with two friends (John Jacobs and Josh Santos, who have both been profiled here before) to shoot a short film about subjecting unsuspecting travelers to stand-up comedy as they rode the SkyConnect shuttle between the economy garage and the main terminal at Tampa International Airport.

I served as the host, welcoming passengers to “the show” with an extremely brief opening “set” (one joke) while John was the headliner for the five-minute trip, back and forth between the economy parking garage and the main terminal, probably more than 50 times that day. Meanwhile, Josh ran around with a camera and captured everything that happened (almost; see below). Being geniuses, we named this film “Plane Train”.

As is the case with many brilliant ideas, this one was born late one night, eating pizza at Lee’s Grocery with someone who plays bass in an all-girl punk band with the authority to grant us the necessary access to film stand-up comedy at the airport.

You know, that old formula.
Why is this relevant now? Because we’re finally ready to premiere the finished product, which will happen at Villagio Cinemas in Carrollwood on Sunday, November 11 at 7p.m. I sat down recently with John and Josh and asked them questions to which I already knew the answers.

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