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Jane Castor and David Straz Secretly the Same Person

Blake High School – Hillsborough County – Monday 4.22.2019

The race for mayor has taken a shocking and dark turn. After a 3 month investigation, Tampa News Force has discovered that the two remaining candidates for mayor are in fact the exact same person.

The elaborate ruse was perpetrated by retired magician and comedic improviser Xander the Preposterous. It was discovered Mr. Preposterous achieved this illusion with carefully placed mirrors, smoke, and the fact that the two candidates look almost identical.

When reached for comment Mr. Preposterous said, “It’s very easy to distract people when you’re just saying exactly what they want to hear.”

There is no word yet on where the real Jane Castor or David Straz are. When asked about their present location Xander the Preposterous only replied, “Maybe the real trick is that they never existed.”

He then immediately disappeared into a cloud of smoke while laughing ominously.