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Josh Santos Featured on The Identity Tampa Bay’s Clark’s Corner

Clark Brooks of Clark’s Corner on The Identity Tampa Bay, Interview with Josh Santos

Joshua Santos is one half of renegade media outlet “Tampa News Force” along with John Jacobs – who we’ve profiled here before.

He also makes films and one of his projects, “Tibet: A Dogumentary,” about a courthouse facility dog who provides emotional support for abused, neglected and abandoned children during stressful and difficult court proceedings, has been featured in numerous film festivals. SELF-SERVING DISCLAIMER: He, John and I worked together on a short film titled “Plane Train” that is close to being completed, hence the timing of this interview.

In addition to being one of my favorite people, Josh is a very unique and interesting individual – that may be why he’s one of my favorites – so let’s just dive right into it.

Brita Filter Challenge

Read the full interview on The Identity Tampa Bay.

Josh Santos

About Josh Santos

Writer and award-winning videographer and documentarian. Instagram: @HashtagSantos