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Local activists resent being mocked


During a House civil justice subcommittee meeting last Monday in Tallahassee, state Representative Will Robinson Jr. (R) read names of supporters and opponents into the public record, two of which caused people on the internet to both LOL and ROFL.

Those two people, Anita Dick and Holden Hiscock don’t understand or appreciate the laughter and derision at their expense.

“I don’t know what everybody found so damn funny,” said Hiscock. “We just showed up for this important subcommittee meeting, as actual, completely real members. Of the general public.”

“Hey, why did you structure and punctuate that sentence that way?!?”

“I believe my family is entitled to a certain amount of respect,” said Anita. “Dicks have been a significant part of Florida politics for decades.”

“In fact, at no point in Florida’s history will you find a lack of Dicks,” she said. “There has never been a time when a Dick wasn’t involved in Florida state politics.”

“Just look around; there are Dicks all over the place in Tallahassee, always getting into everything.”

Hiscock lacks that level of political experience but desperately wants to get deeply involved.

“I want to get all up in it,” said Hiscock.

Hiscock went on at length and had a lot to say on the matter, but Tampa News Force has decided to abbreviate his comments due to space constraints.

Even though Hiscock was very persistently aggressive, we focused intently on Hiscock and listened to everything Hiscock had to say.

Honestly, Hiscock held our attention the whole time. Hiscock was downright fascinating, in fact. Legislators could learn a lot from Hiscock.

Hiscock said, “This kind of buffoonery and lack of decorum is exactly why citizens are reluctant to actively participate in the democratic process.”

Clearly agitated, Hiscock began openly weeping and then threw up all over the place.

Clark Brooks

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