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Nearly 3 million Tampa Bay Residents will do Nothing in Particular Tomorrow

Tomorrow, March 31, is International Trans Day of Visibility and very few people in Tampa Bay have plans to observe the occasion.

While local Trans residents plan to march for increasingly limited rights, most residents will be having board game nights or going to Karaoke or doing cocaine in the bathroom of a bar you can still smoke inside.  

 “Are they invisible on other days?,” laughs a  dude with a beard and a more-on-top haircut.  “Whatever, unisex bathrooms mean I wait in bathroom lines now.  Like a woman!  Hehe, am I Trans now?”

Michelle Lisan

About Michelle Lisan

Michelle Lisan was an avid writer until junior high literary magazine almost burnt down a portable classroom. Decades of “practical” pursuits later, she is writing again no matter how many portable classrooms are endangered.