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Local business has one reasonable request

Here at Tampa News Force, we are firmly committed to supporting local businesses. A unique Tampa Bay Area merchant wants nothing more than to do what they love and also provide a necessary service to the local community and they need your help to do it.

“I’ve always enjoyed eating grease. It started when I was young with snacking on fatty red meat, fried chicken, eating the oil directly from the popcorn machine at the movie theatre. Pretty standard,” said Terry Tallow, founder and Managing General Partner of FCS Grease Demons, Inc. “Then I met some like-minded people and we decided to monetize our passion, which is where most successful companies get started.”

“Now that we’re incorporated, we have a board of directors and shareholders and they need to see a nice healthy bottom line,” he said. “So what was once just a fun hobby is now a serious business. And that carries with it some added pressure, which is fine; I don’t back down from a challenge. But it is definitely a challenge.”

“So let me eat your grease. I not only enjoy it, I’m really good at it, Let me do it and you’ll see,” he pleaded. “You don’t even have to pack up your grease and bring it to us to eat; we’ll gladly come out to your place and eat it all up right then and there, on the spot. I would normally make this appeal on my own behalf because I truly love to eat grease. But there are employees with families whose lives are at stake here. Please, for their sake if not mine, for the love of whatever God you worship, give me all your sweet and/or salty grease so I can eat it.”

If you want to help FCS Grease Demons Inc. by giving them your grease to eat, give them a call at (727) 576-1111 or visit them on the web at FCS, Inc – Commercial Plumbing and Grease Pumping ( You will be so happy that you did!

Clark Brooks

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