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Man gets result from move that has never worked before

Pull My Finger

On a visit to Club Prana in Ybor City last weekend, Monty Millsop of St. Petersburg found success picking up a woman with a technique that had never produced positive results before.

“I’d never even tried it before,” he exclaimed happily. “From now on, it’s my go-to.”

On what seemed like it was going to be yet another lonely night, Millsop was standing by the bar, contemplating the long drive home alone.

“The chicks just weren’t into me. Again. Still,” he said shrugging.

That’s when Darla Hooper approached and said hi. Resentful toward all women, Millsop said, “Pull my finger” and presented his index finger to Hoople.

“I just did what you do when someone pulls your finger,” he said. “And she went wild.”

“We hooked up in the men’s room, the parking lot, on the drive home and of course, back at my place,” he added.

“What can I say? I like fart jokes,” said Hoople.

Clark Brooks

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