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Mayor Castor Warns Rick Flair to Stop Acting Like an Asshole

Today, Tampa Mayor Jane Castor issued a stinging rebuke against Rick Flair, something of a departure from her previously unwavering support of the pro wrestling legend. 

“If he goes into some place like American Social… I’m not allowing the supply of the booze that has been used historically to deal… with the young women he might meet there, to deal with that problem,” Castor told TNF this morning. “In other words, he’s cut off.”

“He’s not going to get our support if he’s going to be an asshole and harass the staff or patrons there,” she said, adding, “We have enough old guys being assholes and harassing people at bars. We will not accept pro wrestlers conducting themselves in that manner.”

This is in response to a recent public incident involving Flair having a confrontation with staff at an establishment in Gainesville.

“The mayor and her team have been clear for several months that we do not support wrestlers acting like assholes in public,” Tampa City Hall spokesperson Juan Kreby said Thursday, noting that this message was conveyed publicly and privately to Flair. “He has understood this for some time now.”

“This in no way should be construed as a reversal of my support for The Nature Boy. He’s a national treasure and we’re thrilled that he’s chosen to make Tampa his home. WOO!” said Castor, before executing a perfect figure-four leg lock on Kreby and yelling, “WOO!” several times as tribute.

”To reiterate, the mayor remains steadfast in her support of The Nature Boy but feels that these sanctions are necessary to bring about peace on Harbor Island”, croaked Kreby before passing out.

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