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Meh, Boomer: TNF for grown folk – April 12, 2020

Meh, Boomer

Hey, remember the Lawrence Welk television program? Wasn’t that just a wonderful television program?
Hell no I don’t remember that shit! I’m not that old!
Here’s your ding dang news.

Tampa Area Devastated by Coronavirus Not Infecting Rick Scott – April 6

Valrico funeral home offers enhanced memorial services – April 7

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Unveil Assless Uniform – April 7

Influencers not sure how to beg for attention during pandemic – April 8

Bernie Sanders undrops out of the presidential race – April 9

Scientists ignoring astronomer’s discovery – April 9

Coronavirus dies from Coronavirus – April 9

Fancy restaurant re-brands as hardware store – April 10

Universal Pictures Delays Adult Minions, Release Date Pushed Back to 2022 – April 10

Clark Brooks

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