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Universal Pictures Delays Adult Minions, Release Date Pushed Back to 2022

Adult Minions Delayed until 2020

The next installment in the ‘Despicable Me’ series was set to follow the lives of the adorable single-celled yellow organisms called Minions as they traversed the complex world of adulthood. The film was set to release in the Summer of 2020, but due to current situation with Coronavirus, ‘Adult Minions’ has been pushed back to 2022 when it will likely see a Springtime release.

“We are saddened that audiences around the world will not get to experience this masterpiece,” said film director and Minions voice actor, Puff Daddy.  “This was going to be the best installment in the Minions franchise and we are sad that our target audience might be too old to care about it by the time it finally comes out.”

The film creators hope you watch the trailer on repeat and share with as many people so that they can hopefully get the Sonic the Hedgehog treatment and receive wide at-home distribution.