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NFL Approves Enhanced Head Injury Prevention Measure

The NFL has adjusted its rules to allow players the option of using modified Guardian Caps in regular-season games to enhance their protection against head injuries, the league confirmed last Friday, as long as certain branding elements are maintained.

“Our logos and imaging are extremely important to us,” said Judy Longsnapp, NFL vice president of logos and imaging. “Maybe not as important as head injuries but definitely 100 times more so.”

The padded headgear was mandated for players at certain positions during training camp in 2022 and 2023 and have contributed to a nearly 50% reduction in concussions for the position groups that wore them during those time periods.

With this development, the league will be modifying the headgear available to players who choose to wear it to resemble each individual team’s mascot. In the case of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, that would be Captain Fear, described as “a Caribbean pirate captain… (with) blue eyes, black hair, thick eyebrows, and a full beard.” 

“This will allow the pwecious wittle pwayers to protect their pwecious wittle heads while allowing us to maintain the robust and dynamic identity we’ve established over the years,” said Longsnapp.

Bucs quarterback Baker Mayfield recently wore one of the new devices during a workout and had a seemingly mixed review.

“I couldn’t see. Like, at all. Total darkness. And not just because the eyeholes moved around and stuff, but because there are no eyeholes in it. I also couldn’t hear anything for basically the same reason,” he said. “But if it somehow makes the game safer to play, I guess I’m for it.”

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