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This week in real estate with Sunny and UJ

Sunny and UJ are a fun, semi-retired couple in Clearwater and they like to dabble in real estate.

Hi. I’m Sunny. I’m much younger than my husband and haven’t touched or even seen his penis in years. 

And I’m UJ. I firmly believe that women should never participate in natural childbirth because it destroys their resale value. 

Now that you know all about us, let’s learn about this week’s listings!

This one is fully wired for telephone service. Just plug one in and start talking!

We don’t necessarily know that this house is for sale, but that doesn’t mean it necessarily isn’t.

This is our home. Do you want it? You can buy it.

Kenny lives here. 

This is a lighthouse and it’s in Michigan. It shouldn’t be here. Sorry. 

This one is beige. You have as much chance of being happy here as anywhere else so you might as well buy it.  

That’s it for this week. See you next time!

Clark Brooks

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