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Office manager’s duties comprised almost entirely of administrating break room

Office Manager

Jeanene Rabbitowitz of Tampa is the office manager for Company Inc, a large business company in downtown Tampa, but is mostly responsible for writing memos posted to the refrigerator in the office’s break room.

“I don’t know what else she does,” said Roger Kern, an employee. “If I need pens or post-it notes I just go get some out of the supply closet.” Asked who he thinks keeps that closet stocked, he said, “I have no clue.”

“Neither do I,” said Jeanene. “I don’t do that.”

“Obviously, I have a lot of various administrative responsibilities, a wide range of important duties,” she said. “I must have, right? This is a big company with a lot of employees.”

“But ultimately, somebody has to remind people to clean up after themselves and throw away their food on a Friday before a three-day weekend. I mean, those week-old buffalo chicken tenders aren’t going to throw themselves away.”

Kern said, “I think they do, actually. At least I know I don’t bother to do it. All I know is that I leave stuff in there all the time, ignore the memos and then eventually it’s just… gone.”

Jeanene acknowledged, “I am responsible for cleaning out the fridge.”

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    As an office assistant, I understand the significance of an efficiently managed break room. It is commendable to know that the office manager’s duties include the administration of the break room. This space serves as a place for employees to socialize, recharge, and relax, which significantly impacts their productivity and morale. By ensuring that the break room is clean, well-stocked, and functional, the office manager is contributing to the well-being of the whole team, and ultimately, the success of the organization.