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Rays statues will be easily portable

Rays Statues

Last week the Tampa Bay Rays announced plans to commemorate two of the most iconic moments in franchise history with statues outside Tropicana Field.

Prior to the September 23rd game against the Toronto Blue Jays, the Rays will unveil statues featuring Evan Longoria celebrating his 12th-inning walk-off home run that clinched the 2011 Wild Card in the regular season’s final game and Akinori Iwamura recording the final out that secured the 2008 American League pennant and sent the team to its first World Series, both of which will be depicted on fully functional skateboard-style devices.

“Not just any skateboards; Atom B18-DX (2-in-1) All Terrain Longboards. We spared no expense in creating knock-off replicas of top-of-the-line decks,” said Mike Rivers, Rays Vice-President of Mobile Statues.

When asked why the players would be on skateboards since they obviously didn’t play baseball on skateboards, Rivers replied. “No idea. Artistic interpretation maybe?”

Sculptor Steven Dickey said, “There’s no artistic interpretation. Both players will be portrayed in a pretty straightforward fashion. The Rays specifically requested that the statues be on wheels. Specifically, they asked for something that could be loaded into a U-Haul truck with minimal effort.”

“Oh yeah, that sounds right,” said Rivers. “Considering we’re going to want to take them with us wherever we wind up when we eventually leave the Trop and it’s turned into a smoking crater and then a high-rise condo tower.”

“In the meantime, we can wheel them around to different places so everyone can look at them.”

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