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Patrons can’t wait to hate new restaurant

Datz All Folks

Following an announcement last week that the property that is home to popular South Tampa establishments Datz and Dough has been sold to a developer who plans to replace the eateries with a “new concept”, longtime loyal customers are eager to hate whatever that concept is.

“Let me guess; this ‘new concept’ is going to be another high rise full of overpriced condos. Great. Just what we don’t need more of,” said Robert Cleetz, rolling his eyes and sighing heavily. “Oh, it’s a restaurant? Oh. Well, I don’t care. I hate it already. My absolute favorite food is Korean barbecue and even if it’s a new five-star Korean barbecue place, I will never, ever go there.”

“Wait a minute… it’s not Korean barbecue, is it?”

Heather Smyte, another loyal foodie customer said, “What is happening to Tampa? We’re losing all these beloved institutions that were so great. Like the Boneyard and Spaghetti Warehouse in Ybor… although Spaghetti Warehouse sucked, so bad example. But Datz and Dough?? No!!”

“Come to think of it, Datz and Dough have sucked the last few times I was there. So meh, I guess,” she added.

Clark Brooks

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