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St. Pete man assaulted for misidentifying dog


Pete Wieters of St. Petersburg was punched in the face yesterday for misidentifying the breed of a woman’s dog.

“She had a really cute dog and all I did was ask her if it was a Frenchy, a French Bulldog,” he said. “Next thing I know, she clocks me.”

“I get that all the time and I’m sick of it,” said Ann Herschenhoff, the woman who assaulted Wieters and the owner of Pickles, who is most definitely a pug and not a Frenchy.

“I didn’t know! That’s why I asked,” said Wieters. “Jesus! Overreact much?”

“Jesus,” he repeated, rubbing his jaw.

French Bulldogs have sticking out, bat-like ears and a straight tail while pugs have smaller, floppy ears and a curled tail. Frenchies also come in many different colors such as white, fawn, brindle and cream whereas pugs are fawn or black,” she said. “Now look at Pickles. Look at the ears. Do they look bat-like? Come on, do your research, dipshit.”

“I’m afraid to ask whether it’s a boy or a girl,” said Wieters, who really is kind of a dipshit.

Clark Brooks

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