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St. Pete Vegan Honors Great Grandfather with Incredible Sacrifice

Kendra Pweets of St. Petersburg made a sudden, surprising gesture to honor her great grandfather Gus, a 98-year-old World War II Veteran, at a family cookout gathering this afternoon.

”Pop-Pop, in order to show you how much I appreciate your service and sacrifice for this great country, I, Kendra, a dedicated vegan, hereby publicly eat this glizzy on Memorial Day to honor your memory in spite of it going against everything I believe in,” she announced in front of gathered family members.

”Oh God, this is disgusting,” she said upon taking the first bite. She proceeded to look more nauseated with each subsequent bite until it was gone, as Gus watched silently.

Once she’d finished, Gus said, “that’s great, sweety. But Memorial Day is to honor people killed in action. I wasn’t killed during the war. In fact, you don’t need to honor my memory since I’m still alive right now.”

She glared at him briefly before screeching, “you mean I did this for nothing?!?”, and vomiting.

”Best Memorial Day ever,” Gus replied, cracking open a Bud Light. “Now she gets it.”

Clark Brooks

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