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Vietnam Vets Confused by Walmart Ad

Randy and Mike, two Tampa men who served in the Army together during the Vietnam War, find themselves confused by an ad they found online earlier today from Walmart.

“I guess it’s nice that they’re selling the hats, presumably for their own profit with no proceeds benefiting any veteran groups, but that’s pretty standard. At least now I know where to buy one,” said Randy. “But what’s with that picture?”

“Weird thing to come across on Memorial Day,” he added. “Seems kind of inappropriate.”

“Yeah, they couldn’t find a live, age appropriate model? They had to use a kid mannequin? With that hair?” questioned Mike. “Hell, they could have asked me. I’m good looking enough to be a hat model.”

“Yes, you are,” agreed Randy. “And an actual veteran.”

“Maybe it’s an artistic statement,” suggested Mike. “Like, let’s display a startling juxtaposition of the youth squandered in a senseless war with these hats that the aging survivors wear now, while also representing them as not even human beings but as a kind of unlimited commodity of faceless and expendable tools used to preserve and promote capitalism.”

“Probably a little deep for Walmart,” replied Randy. “Most likely they went with the cheapest way to sell their cheap hats. Which is kind of what you just said.”

Clark Brooks

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