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St. Pete Woman Finds Intruder Sleeping in Her Bed, Offers Him Coffee and Breakfast

In a bizarre turn of events, a St. Petersburg woman returned home from a night out to find a complete stranger sleeping in her bed. Instead of calling the police, the woman offered the intruder a cup of coffee and breakfast.

According to the woman, who asked to remain anonymous, she initially thought the intruder was her roommate, who she said often brings home strangers after a night of partying. But upon closer inspection, she realized that the man in her bed was not someone she knew.

“I was a little freaked out at first, but he seemed harmless enough,” she told Tampa News Force in an exclusive interview. “He said he was sorry for intruding and that he was just looking for a place to crash.”

Rather than call the police, the woman decided to offer the intruder a cup of coffee and breakfast, which he gratefully accepted. The two chatted for a while before the intruder left, thanking the woman for her hospitality.

The incident has left some residents of St. Pete scratching their heads, wondering what they would do in a similar situation. “I don’t know if I would have been so calm about it,” said one neighbor. “But hey, that’s just St. Pete for you.”

As for the woman, she says she’s just glad nobody got hurt. “I figured if he was going to break in, he might as well have a decent cup of coffee,” she said with a shrug.