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What’s the Best Time to Go to Trader Joes?

What is the Best time to go to Trader Joes

I’m asking for a friend because they have never been.  Have you been to Trader Joe’s lately?  The prices are incredible, but I hate waiting in my car. I also hate getting there and having to wait to see produce because other people are in my way. I also hate waiting to check out.  I…

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Wrestlemania deemed most important cultural event in Tampa history

Wrestlemania 37 in Tampa

As wrestling fans from around the world gather in Tampa for the first Wrestlemania since Covid-19 lockdowns, local historians are already deeming the event the most important cultural event in the history of the city. “Of all the important events that have blessed this city, I can confidently say Wrestlemania 37 will be our most…

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Tampa’s Best Hidden Gems

Best Hidden Gems in Tampa Bay

Sprawling over 400 square miles, the Tampa Bay Area is home to a massive trove of undiscovered potential. So today we are counting down the top hidden gems that make this area one of the best places to live in the world. 5. Emeralds Emerald’s Bar in Downtown St. Pete is a wonderful little dive…

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Tampa Celebrates Lower Sales Tax by Sitting in Traffic Longer

Commissioner Stacy White

Thanks to a recent decision by the Florida Supreme Court, Tampa residents can finally stop paying the disastrously large sales tax referendum that raised half a billion dollars to improve traffic in Hillsborough County. “While the money had been collected, we felt it was better for us to sue the 57% of voters that approved…

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Conservative Aldi Supermarket to Open in Largo

CONSERVATIVE ALDI Opens in Largo Florida

A new Trump-themed Aldi supermarket is opening along US-19 in Largo, FL.   “We pretty much took Aldi’s concept and made it for Patriots only,” said supermarket founder, Chaz Rocket. “I’m also happy to announce that we will be open in time for Trumparilla baby!”  Rocket then took out a t-shirt cannon and blasted a shirt…

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Dr Seuss Book Saves Child from Stabbing


A Tampa elementary school third grader is safe today after his six copies of recently banned Dr. Seuss books stopped an accidental stabbing from a megachurch pastor during a sermon. “I was trying to prove a point about cancel culture,” said Dennis McWelkins, pastor of Calvary Lake of Second Baptist Creek Community Church. McWelkins is…

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