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New 656 area code for Hillsborough County goes into effect today


As more and more people continue moving to Florida, resources are being spread thinner and thinner. One of those resources: telephone numbers. There are too many people to accommodate with the standard 813 area code. In response to the-ever growing population, the Florida Public Service Commission is launching a new area code, 656, for Tampa…

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Tampa man annoys neighbors with Thanksgiving fireworks

Danny Gwishtner of Tampa has drawn the ire of his Town and Country neighbors for setting off fireworks in his backyard on Thanksgiving for some reason.  “I couldn’t figure out what the hell he was doing”, said Kevin Hormuz who lives directly next door. “So that was the exact question I asked him: ‘what the…

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Relatively unattractive person is missing or something, nobody cares

Missing Person

A woman from the Town and Country neighborhood of Tampa has not been seen for over a week and nobody really cares because by comparison to other women, she’s not very attractive. Sheriff Chad Chronister addressed local media about the situation yesterday. “The subject’s name is Marcy Garner. She’s 32-years-old, overweight with red hair, bad…

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