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Tampa Bar Going All Out For the Big Game

McCooter’s Bar, Grill & Pool Tablery in Tampa is pulling out all the stops in presenting a viewing party for Super Bowl LVIII between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.

“That’s right, we’re gonna have one heck of a The Big Game party here,” said owner and general manager Rudy McCooter. “Maybe our biggest yet!”

“As you know, unless someone pays for the licensing fees from the NFL, bars like mine are prohibited from using the phrase ‘super bowl’ in any promotional messaging. We can’t afford that so we have to call it ‘The Big Game’, which sounds kind of lame,” he explained. “But I was at Publix the other day and saw these official NFL napkins with the Big Game logo on them. I bought them and figured we could use them at the bar and that would allow us to say ‘Super Bowl’.”

”Nope,” he said. “We still got a cease and desist letter.”

He says it will still be a very special day for his bar, regardless of what the game is labeled.

“Normally, we don’t have any napkins at all.”

Clark Brooks

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