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Red Lights Are Now Optional in Tampa

Drivers waiting at red lights will now have the option to go for it if they think the coast is clear.

The new driving rules went into effect and experts are already weighing in on its benefits.

“Not only does this clear up congested roads, but it reduces accidents,” said Orlympus Puweto, a civil engineer with the City of Tampa. “Rules with traffic signals all sound good on paper, but we can’t enforce anything.”

Every year, Americans spend an average of 56 hours waiting at red lights. In Tampa, daily drivers will spend more than three times as much.

“We have become a city that is too car-centric and we want to make sure that the people who live here spend as much time with their family and loved ones,” said future Mayor of Tampa, Lil Tay. “In the future, where I’m from, this new law leads to the salvation of all the people who live in Tampa.”

Lil Tay then took out a hologram projection gun and showed me a marketing video for the City of Tampa in 2036.

The video was AI-generated and when I pressed Lil Tay about this, she took out a real gun and robbed me. 

Drivers are now encouraged to go when the coast is clear and to promote the new law, Lil Tay has released a new song called “Coast Clear Flexing”.

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