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Tampa man can’t shake nagging feeling he’s forgotten something

Lonely Drinker

A sales associate for Boost Mobile in Tampa is positive he’s forgotten something important pertaining to Christmas, but hasn’t been able to figure out what it might be.

“It’s driving me crazy”, Joe Banjoe said, sitting alone at Hattrick’s in downtown Tampa. “I just can’t put my finger on what it is.”

“I don’t think it’s a gift or a card I forgot to send. Was there some video game the kids wanted? Do I need to call Nana? Maybe it’s something for Christmas dinner; am I supposed to pick up yams? I really don’t think so”, he said as he checked notes on his phone. “No, it’s none of those things. This is crazy.”

He said the situation is really bothering him. “The holidays are always so stressful as it is, even more so during this unprecedented year”, he said. “Until I figure this out, I don’t see how I can possibly relax and enjoy myself.”

“All I know for sure is that I’ve forgotten… something. Something big.”

He took another sip of his Yuengling and suddenly straightened up. “Wait! I remember now! I forgot to have a family or friends or any obligations to do anything for anyone else. No kids, no relatives, no girlfriend, no nothing, no reason to be stressed about the holidays! Whew! What a relief”, he said as he resumed doing whatever he wants.

Clark Brooks

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