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Tampa man has mixed feelings about Christmas gift

Barbie Leather

Burt Texler received an expensive leather jacket from his daughter for a Christmas present Monday morning, but he finds himself experiencing some conflicting emotions.

“I’m genuinely touched because it’s almost exactly the jacket that I’ve wanted for years and years,” he said. “I really wish the Barbie logo wasn’t displayed so prominently, though.”

“I didn’t even see that movie.”

He says his feelings are difficult to reconcile.

“On one hand, my little girl worked hard and saved for a long time to be able to afford it, which is simply adorable,” he said. “On the other hand, my little girl is 35. How hard should it be for a 35-year-old to scrape $300 together?”

Texler plans to wear the jacket to his favorite dive bar tonight, where a gang of bikers will probably beat the living shit out of him.

Clark Brooks

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