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Tampa News Force Featured on HCC The Hawkeye Newspaper

Joshua Santos and John Jacobs Filming with Randy HoltonHCC’s The Hawkeye Reporter Magdalynn Pollitt Covers Tampa News Force

It is a typical Friday night in the heart of Tampa, which means there is nothing typical about it. Lights from police cars can be seen outside of the  bar Franklin Manor. Is this just a routine traffic stop, or something more? Most people passing by are curious, but do not stop.

But John Jacobs and Joshua Santos of Tampa News Force are not most people. They have been waiting for this moment, actively driving around hoping to find some police activity. At first, they attempt to speak to several passers-by, hoping to gain information on what happened. This proves largely unsuccessful. But then, the cops exit the building with a man in custody.

Holding nothing back, Jacobs rushes towards them.

“What did you do?” he asks.

Click here to read the full story on HCC’s The Hawkeye.

Josh Santos

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