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Tampa News Force Sports Analysts Break Down Lightning’s Loss to Calgary on “Pride Night”

Roy and Roger, the hosts of the popular Tampa News Force sports podcast “Shout-Down” debate exactly what went wrong for the Tampa Bay Lightning in their loss to the Calgary Flames at “Pride Night” at Amalie Arena last night…

ROGER: Last night at Amalie, the Lightning celebrated “Pride Night” and lost to the lowly Calgary Flames 6-3. So obviously, “Pride Night” was the reason they lost. But exactly what went wrong, Roy?

ROY: In one word, quite simply: too gay. It was raining men out there, rainbows everywhere. Way, way, way too much homosexuality in the building last night. I’m all for inclusion, but they went too far.

ROGER: I couldn’t agree less nor disagree more; it wasn’t nearly gay enough for a so-called Pride Night. Granted, the rainbow-colored stick tape used by the players during warm-ups was pretty darn gay, but aside from that, it was just a night of regular, straight, old-fashioned hockey.

ROY: Oh, come on. You didn’t think the drag queens reading to kids between periods was a little much?

ROGER: That was only during the first intermission. The second intermission showcased our military, with a mass swearing in ceremony for young armed services recruits.

ROY: Yes, but why were they all shirtless? And sweaty?

ROGER: That wasn’t sweat, it was oil. Show some respect for the troops!

ROY: I hate it when you yell at me like that.

ROGER: Do you, Roy? Do you hate it? Hmmm…? Tell me. Tell me how much you hate it, Roy.

ROY: Oh God, I want you so bad right now!

ROGER: Kiss me! Kiss me the way Victor Hedman kisses the Stanley Cup!

That’s it for this week’s show. Tune in next week when Roy and Roger discuss the tattoos covering the sinewy body of Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans.

Clark Brooks

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