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Tampa prostitutes offer discount for “first timers”

Half off

The Tampa Prostitution Association has officially declared that all “first-time” patrons, will receive a discount of 50% off the regular price.

“We’re hoping to encourage new cliental to try our services.” Said Cindy Melindez, President of the TPA.

If it’s your first time buying the services of a prostitute in Tampa, you’re supposed to just let the sex worker know, “this is my first time,” and they will be required to give you the discount.

To make sure customers do not just go around to different prostitutes, telling them that it’s their first time over and over, the first-timers will be given a small hand tattoo by the prostitute at the end of the session of a little x, indicating that they have had sex with a prostitute, so they cannot trick future prostitutes.

“Since the announcement of the new program, we’ve seen a 2,000% increase in business.” Said Melindez, of the new initiative.

“A lot of people want to patronize sex workers, but they’re scared of the stigma surrounding our industry. This is a little incentive for them to try it, and they’ll see that it’s really, mostly, safe and positive experiences. Sure sometimes prostitutes will kill their clients and rob them or blackmail them, but we’re trying to cut down on that behavior and keep it more civil. The old ways of our industry are being phased out over time, and with the new year, we’re hoping a lot more people have sex with us.” Said Melindez.

Prostitutes can most easily be found in the pink lanes on Nebraska avenue in Tampa. If you honk 3 times that will indicate you’re a first timer, to signal the nearest prostitute.

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