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Tampa Releases 813 Prisoners to Celebrate 813 Day

To celebrate Tampa’s original area code, which is no longer available, the City of Tampa has announced that 813 violent criminals will be set free until midnight on August 13.

This yearly tradition is known to cause several car accidents, drivers are warned to be alert.

“This is the real Gasparilla here,” said Officer Micky McDaniels. “I’ll take on 500,000 drunk people over 813 violent criminals any day.”

McDaniels then pulled out his gun and took off running.

Residents are encouraged to stay inside until midnight when the criminals are shocked and sedated so that they can be brought back to their cells.

“We’re going to let them have a little fun tonight,” said Mayor Jane Castor. “Everyone deserves a second chance, and in Tampa, we let everyone have their one night of the year.”

Josh Santos

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