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Tampa Woman Who Claims She’s “Worth It”, Isn’t

Chelsea Shneely of Tampa is unapologetic for having high standards. 

“Hey, if you can’t handle me at my worst then you don’t deserve me at my best,” she said 

“The thing is, I’ve seen her at her best and I’ve seen her at her worst,” said Tom Looper of Tampa, an ex-boyfriend. “And there’s not a huge difference”.

He said she’s unnecessarily difficult and precise.

“She’ll order something she knows is not on the menu and then give very specific instructions on how she wants it prepared,” he said. “It’s a lot of that very obvious attention-seeking behavior, where something that should be relatively easy part of a nice night out becomes a whole thing unto itself.”

“I know I’ve eaten more than my share of cook spit because of her,” he added.

“Tough. I’m worth it,” responds Shneely.

“No. She really isn’t,” rebuts Looper. 

Clark Brooks

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