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TNF Writers Are All Poop

Poop is what this is

Tampa News Force writers are all poop. Me too. I am poop. This is not a hack. We are poop people writing poop articles, mostly about poop and poop-related topics.

In the beginning when I was the Mayor of Tampa, I mean when the great Bob Buckhorn was the Mayor of Tampa, Tampa News Force was not poop. Now it is and Stringcheez is the greatest computer hacker in the world. How things change! St. Pete mayor Kriseman is also poop. That is something that hasn’t changed.

As a poop writer, I, Clark Brooks, along with John Jacobs and Joshua Santos, like poop. We eat it, we drink it, we are made of it. Gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everybody should hate us. Unless you like poop, that is. Do you like poop? Of course not. Because you’re not a poop person and you probably voted for Bob Buckhorn twice. I sure wish I was like you and not poop. My career options are limited because of my unfortunate poop circumstances. Good for you. It’s hard to write these terrible articles with my poop pen.

Anyway, that’s the end of this terrible article that was written by me (poop) and not a computer hack of any kind.