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Tom Brady comes out of retirement to come in your wife

Brady comes

Legendary retired quarterback, Tom Brady, has officially come out of retirement, to ejaculate inside of your spouse.

“T-Brad” as he’s affectionately known around his friend circle took to Truth Social to let everyone know his future plans.

“I got tired of everyone making fun of me and my ex-wife so I figured I’d teach you all a lesson by coming in all of your wives.” Brady posted.

What exactly his plan consists of is still unknown, but he’s now put it out what his intentions are.

“I’m scared as hell.” Said local Buccaneer’s fan George McPaisley.

“I made some jokes about him on the internet, and my wife isn’t even that hot, but for some reason I have this bad feeling that he’s going to have sex with my wife and fill her with his semen.” McPaisley said, visually shaking in fear during our interview.

“Matter of fact, let me call my wife right now to make sure she’s not fornicating with the GOAT.”

McPaisley pulled out his flip phone and slowly dialed his wife’s number manually instead of using his contacts list. He held the phone to his ear as it rang, but his wife did not pick up.

“She must be busy, she’s at work right now. She works at a nutrition center a few blocks away from Tom Brady’s house…”

McPaisley caught himself hearing his own words and paused.

He then got up and ran out of the room, knocking over the office water cooler along with a stack of papers on the reception desk.

Where and when Tom Brady will finish inside of your loved ones is a question that cannot be answered definitively at the moment, but we here at TNF will keep a close eye on the situation, and alert readers as to what area Tom was last spotted so you can stay aware.

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