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3 Signs You’re Not Ready for a Hurricane

Ready For A Hurricane

As hurricane season rears up again, it’s good to know if you’re ready for a hurricane or not. Here are 3 signs you may not be ready.

3. Your legs are exposed

If you’re wearing shorts, or walking around in just underwear, you are not ready for a hurricane. Your legs will get wet and it will be uncomfortable. You might drip and that would be annoying. You might also get hypothermia if the water is too cold.

2. You didn’t pray today

Prayer is one of the biggest deterrents of hurricanes. Asking the higher power for safety and mercy is extremely important. If you don’t ask God for protection he will think you’re not afraid of his wrath and he will unleash the watery heavens down upon you just to prove a point. God can be spiteful if he doesn’t believe you have love in your heart.

1. You don’t have a roof

If your domain does not currently have a roof or some sort of covering you can shelter under, you are definitely not ready for a hurricane. The water will fill up your home and make everything damp and all non-waterproof items will suffer damage. A roof is a necessity when it comes to hurricane preparedness. 

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