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5 signs you may have Coronavirus

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1. Anxiety

Are you anxious? If you’ve been having any negative thoughts lately or feel restless or tired, odds are there’s a high probability you have the Coronavirus. Anxiety is one of the most prevalent symptoms of the virus, and if you have any hectic, unorganized, thoughts, or if you just can’t seem to find peace, go to the doctor immediately and get checked.

2. Sneezing

If you’ve sneezed within the last 24 hours, the probability that you are infected is extremely high. Sneezing has been linked as the top indicator that you have the virus, and if you or a loved one has sneezed, you must immediately go to the ER and get tested.

3. Procrastination

If you have something you should be doing, but you’ve chosen to spend time doing other things instead, you have the Coronavirus. Using your time to put off important obligations, is a tried and true sign that you have the illness. 

4. Ticklish

If you giggle when someone lightly tickles under your armpit, you without a doubt, have the Coronavirus. If any touching around your body causes uncontrollable giddiness and laughter, that means the Coronavirus is in its late stages of decomposing your organs. If you are ticklish you must get tested now.

5. Hand bigger than your face

If your hand is larger than the size of your face, you %100 have the Coronavirus. To test this, you must place your spread open hand over your face in front of a friend and have them let you know if your hand, is in fact, larger than your face.

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