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Animal friendly gym opens in Lutz

Pet Friendly Gym opens in Lutz

An animal-friendly gym opened in Lutz, making it the first gym in it’s County to allow animals inside a workout facility.

Patrons will now be able to work out alongside their pets, and even put their pets to the test, with a new line of specially designed weight machines built for animals. Dogs and cats will now be able to bench press next to their masters.

“We wanted to do something nice for our customers.” Said Belinda Floktart, manager of the Mutts and Butts gym.

“We called it Mutts and Butts because we’ve got animals in here plus like working out on butts is a popular trend so we’re trying to gain some traction by cashing in on topical fads.” Floktart explained.

It cost $40 per month to work out here, or $60 if you will be bringing a pet, plus $20 for every other pet you bring.

“I bring my snake, my rat, and my ibis.” Said Dan Sprax, Lutz local who enjoys working out at the animal-friendly gym.

“Yea the old gym that used to be here never thought of any promotions like this, that’s probably why they’re not here anymore!” Laughed Sprax in a way which felt like it was not coming from a good place. It was off-putting.

The gym has special animal-proof windows and extra Covid precautions which will help keep the space sterile while also accommodating exotic life full of diverse biomes. 

Do you think the new gym is a good idea? Go check it out for yourselves and give us a review. For every person who sends in a review of what Mutts and Butts is like will get 3 free entries into our monthly TNF raffle, where 16 participants will get exclusive access to bid on our newest NFTs. 

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