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“Antonio Brown is a class act” claims Bucs fan who has never met Antonio Brown


Gary Sfingester of Clearwater, a self-described life-long die-hard Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan might possibly be the only such fan who still roots for former wide receiver Antonio Brown.

“Antonio Brown has done nothing but represent the Buccaneers in the best way possible. If anything, he’s a victim of grossly unfair treatment,” he said. “He’s a total class act, my favorite player of all time and we’re lucky to have ever had him in a Bucs uniform.”

The Buccaneers signed Brown as a free agent in October, 2020, largely based on the enthusiastic endorsement of quarterback Tom Brady. They would go on to complete the season by winning the Super Bowl 41-31 over the Kansas City Chiefs. In January, 2022, Brown removed his uniform and left the field during the 3rd quarter of a 28-24 win over the New York Jets, ending his stint with the team.

Since then, Brown has exhibited erratic personal behavior, including the inexplicably aggressive trolling of Brady via social media. A warrant for his arrest was issued by the Tampa Police Department for battery over a week ago and he recently posted a photo on Snapchat of what appears to be him in bed with a woman who resembles Brady’s ex-wife Giselle.

“Okay, I’ll level with you; I’m kind of a scumbag myself,” said Sfingester. “Considering the way I conduct myself, the things I do, the people I associate with, the odds are MUCH higher that I’ll run into Antonio Brown before I ever get in sniffing distance of Tom Brady.”

“Who knows? Maybe Brown will see this, appreciate my support and break me off something. Brady probably wouldn’t bother to spit in my direction, so it’s worth a shot,” he said. “Of course, the other side is somebody who doesn’t share my opinion takes offense and whoops my sorry ass for being such a piece of shit. Hey, wouldn’t be the first time!”

“Eh. Life is a coin flip,” he added.

Clark Brooks

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