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AP White History Course Requirement Announced for Florida High School Graduates

White History

An Advanced Placement course that focuses on the history of white people has been selected as a prerequisite for high school students to receive a diploma.

Only eight home-schooled students are currently planning to take the course in the entire state of Florida, but lawmakers are expected to make it a graduation requirement in the coming months.

“White people built this country,” said the president of Florida’s Department of Education, Obert Roncause. “Children in school need to know this stuff because when they go out into the real world, a white person is most likely to give them a job.”

Citing several historical inaccuracies in the lesson plan, critics say that the class will only make students dumber.

“This class is all a bunch of PragerU videos and quizzes with questions like, ‘What is the best race?’ and ‘Does Michelle Obama Have a Dick?’,” said a representative for The College Board, Ubambi Ibambi. “I’m an immigrant and learning about this class has made me lose faith in humanity.”

Roncause says the class is necessary for students because all the woke teachers are making children hate white people.

“Without this class, students would only know that white people owned slaves, violently opposed segregation, formed the KKK, and are targetted by police at a disproportionate level compared to other races,” said Roncause while wiping a tear from his eye. “This class is going to teach students that slave owners were actually very good people who just wanted to pay lower taxes, and have sex with their cousins.”

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